About Chris

Chris Paulson
Photo by Joelle Verbrugge

Chris Paulson is a singer/songwriter from the San Francisco Bay area. A modern day wandering
minstrel, he’s spent the last 24 years on the road, performing throughout Europe,  in Morroco, South Africa, Australia, Brasil, California, New York,  and Mexico.

All of his life experiences are reflected in his songwriting and in the emotional intensity of his performances. Chris has a clear high tenor voice reminiscent of  Paul Simon, Neil Young or Michael Stipe, and guitar technique which includes folk strumming, country blues fingerpicking,  swinging jazz rhythms, early rock and roll,  folk rock and haunting slide guitar which he accompanies with harmonica.

With a unmistakable sound of his own, his are songs about everyday life, with all of it’s hopes and dreams, of love and loss, social and political issues, and he performs them with a sensitivity and honesty that cuts straight to the heart and captivates his audience time and again.