Wandering Minstrel

Wandering Minstrel

The new CD is here! 10 studio recordings of often requested cover songs, plus 5 live tracks with the band. 3 of them recorded January 5th, 2002 at Blues and Beyond in Frankfurt (Main) and 2 others recorded in 1996 at Café Cicero in Wiesbaden. (15 songs)



  • Solitary Man (Neil Diamond)
  • I Want You (Bob Dylan)
  • Hurricane (Bob Dylan)
  • Fire And Rain (James Taylor)
  • Freight Train (Elizabeth Cotton)
  • Hotel California (D. Felder/D. Henley/G. Frey)
  • Blowing In The Wind (Bob Dylan)
  • Mr. Jones (Adam Duritz/David Bryson)
  • Imagine (John Lennon)
  • Wild World (Cat Stevens)
  • Willy And The Hand Jive (Jhonny Otis)
  • Water In The Fuel (Fred Eaglesmith)
  • Thinking About My Baby (Chris Paulson/Cole Tate)
  • Learn To Give (Chris Paulson)
  • My Babe (Willie Dixon)

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