Summertime Again

Summertime Again

The 4th CD, recorded at the World Famous, now defunct, Dreamtown Stellar Cellar Studio with Cole Tate co-producing. Six original songs, six cover songs. Same rhythm section with Cole Tate, and Billy Goodman on guitars and Biber Herrmann on Dolbro. Folk, Blues and Ballads with an acoustic feel, includes the hit, "Bill and Monica"! The best CD so far... (12 songs)



  • Independence Day (Billy Goodman)
  • Crystal Marie (Chris Paulson/Cole Tate)
  • Sandmill Girl (Chris Paulson/Cole Tate)
  • When The Fog Rolls In (Cole Tate)
  • Thinking About My Baby (Chris Paulson/Cole Tate)
  • Primrose Hill (Louden Wainwright III)
  • Valentine (Willie Nelson)
  • Take A Giant Step (Taj Mahal)
  • Meet Me in The Morning (Bob Dylan)
  • Bill And Monica (Chris Paulson)
  • Keep On Movin' (Chris Paulson)
  • Summertime Again (Chris Paulson)

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