Live at the Sinkkasten

Live at the Sinkkasten

Over the years, I’ve had many requests for a live CD, so here it is Chris Paulson "Live at the Sinkkasten", recorded at our concert in the Sinkkasten Frankurt on 19 February 2006 with the band!



  • North Country Blues (Bob Dylan)
  • The Boxer (Paul Simon)
  • Walkin' (Chris Paulson)
  • Freight Train (Fred Eaglesmith)
  • Long Time Ago (Chris Paulson)
  • Willy and the Hand Jive (Johnny Otis)
  • How to make Gravy (Paul Kelly)
  • Sandmill Girl (Chris Paulson/Cole Tate)
  • Thinkin' 'bout my Baby (Chris Paulson/Cole Tate)
  • Watch your Step (Chris Paulson)
  • When the Fog Rolls In (Cole Tate)
  • Callin' out your Name (Chris Paulson/Billy Goodman)
  • Nadine (Chuck Berry)
  • Imagine (John Lennon)
  • Keep on Movin' (Chris Paulson)

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