This is my third CD, all original songs and all with the band, including one live track, "Drowning" from a 1996 concert in Frankfurt Volksbildungsheim. Rockin'!! With Gerd Vogel and Biber Herrman on guitars, Sven Panne on keyboards, Rene Detroy on drums and Udo Kistner on bass. (12 songs)



  • Back To You (Chris Paulson)
  • Learn To Give (Chris Paulson)
  • Barbed Wired Love (Chris Paulson)
  • Chain Of Doubt (Chris Paulson)
  • Dreamtown (Chris Paulson)
  • Watch Your Step (Chris Paulson)
  • South France (Chris Paulson)
  • Waiting For You (Chris Paulson)
  • Fate That Time Has Sealed (Chris Paulson/Pat Paulson)
  • Stop The Rain (Chris Paulson)
  • Long Time Ago (Chris Paulson)
  • Drowning (Chris Paulson)

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