Concert Haus der Jugend Osnabrück

by Chris Paulson

I will performing songs from my new CD as well as older material at the Haus Der Jugend in Osnabrück, Germany on the 8th November at 8 PM.

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Comment by Heike |

I missed you on the Maiwoche!!!

So Iam looking forward to you concert in Haus der Jugend.

Hopefully I may hear
If I needed you....
Love yur interpretation

Heike midwife, now with little walking daughter Antonia

Comment by Heike |

Sorry for Tippfehler

Comment by android tablets |

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Comment by Petra |

Hey Chris, you impressed me with your music years ago in USA and for whatever reason besides all this Super Stars, I just liked your lyriks. You were not famous, we met on a street concert somewhere, and today, I am still listening to it. I just pulled it up. I am not a groopy, I dont even know how to spell that. Anyway, we met one time and I wished you well and told you you have a great voice and lyrics and now I guess you are famous. I dont care about that crap. I just remember meeting you in person when you where not as famous and I remember you were really nice. Thats why I like your music. I saw the respect for others in your eyes and your values.

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Comment by Tanja |

Why does the Haus-der-Jugend-webside say that you play there on Oktober the 30? Wich date is right?

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Comment by trasha3 |

Looking forward to your show.

Comment by Quinn258 |

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Comment by cherr38 |

Looking forward to your show.

Comment by OYODENTAL |

I missed you on the Maiwoche!!!